About Consulting Service

The changing trends in all areas of security reflect the need for critical analysis of corporate and personal affairs.

Our team of highly qualified and trained Consultants liaise with clients to fully understand the organisations history to date and speed of growth, while giving due consideration to market expectations and challenges.

Working in partnership, our Consultants review the organisations requirements and design a tailor made security solution.

Our domestic and international experience spanning several decades places us in the unique position to future proof your security needs before business operations expand, proactively securing your organisations future developments and reducing risk management costs.

Our relationships are based on trust, enabling both teams to accomplish their objectives.

Our Consultancy Services

Risk Assessment Reporting

Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires employers to identify hazards in the workplace that are under their control, assess the risk of these hazards and be in possession of a written assessment of the risks of safety, health and welfare of his or her employees. To review this statute in full, please click here.

Regular assessment should not only review threats to property, data protection, employee’s safety and welfare but also the identification of the international and national security environment which could have a fundamental impact on business objectives.

Financial planning can often be based on an assumption of uninterrupted business performance. Any business operating without a thorough up to date risk assessment, adequate training and defined safety procedures in place, risk financial instability and possibility of continuous business growth.

Applying over 30 years’ experience, our skilfully trained assessors will review, identify, grade and prioritise existing and possible future risks within your organisation. Specialist Security Service is a market leader in security technology innovation. Our Consultants are qualified, experienced, client focused professionals who will work in partnership with you to identify threats and devise a customised solution for your business needs.

This is achieved by examining each facet of the business and those involved in its operation including:

• Technical issues such as IT Infrastructure and network access
• New Market entry considering economical and climate risks
• Human elements including security access and data protection

Ex Pat Extraction

Increased globalisation has also heightened the risk of unrest in some areas of the world. Without warning, individuals can find themselves in a highly sensitive, volatile climate which could prove difficult to evacuate.

With our highly trained team of on the ground agents, Specialist Security Services’ can swiftly and safely secure their passage, returning them to their home country.

Travel Overseas Duty

In the last decade there has been an escalation in international unrest. Political issues are not contained within home countries any longer and threats to personal safety are present in every continent.

Air and sea ports have attempted to limit the potential risks by stating their security measures will become less predictable but policy and security measures have always had the ability to change in a matter of moments.

For any overseas travel, it’s crucial to have access to expertise, knowledge (nationally and internationally) and operational know how enabling you to navigate the world safely.

Specialist Security Services has over 30 years’ experience, working in areas of conflict and experiencing first-hand the potential dangers we are all faced.

Our team of professionals have the skill set to predict, react and manage your overseas travel needs which is unrivalled in the industry.

Travel Advice

For some travelling is part of their everyday lives in their role. The standard travel tips when travelling while useful will not highlight the risks of arriving in conflict countries or outline the social and cultural norms that will make travelling and enjoyment of the experience more fruitful.

Our on the ground knowledge, in depth research and military background offers our clients a 360° view of what to expect, what to avoid and our team can also provide on location security assistance should it be required.

Defensive Driver Training

Specialist Security Services provide this training to our clients, their families and staff. This training is aimed at providing our client with the knowledge and skills of how to prevent an incident from occurring and also how to control a vehicle in the event of an incident such as a tyre blow out. This training can be tailored to suit the road rules and regulations of many countries around the globe.

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