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Our mission over the last 30 years has been to provide global support to both business and individuals in emerging markets. The background of our personnel is military, as is our management style which is reflected in our commitment and proven track record.

Our company provides understanding, expertise and technological advancements in customising security solutions.

We provide a range of other services that are broad in terms of corporate and personal security but we recognise the need for key specific security solutions that are modern and up to date with current threat levels.

Professional Experience

Personal Devices

According to CSO figures published for 2015, there was a 13.6% increase in the number of attempts/threats to murder, assaults, harassment’s and related offences. A 6.2% increase in Burglaries with kidnapping showing an increase of 8.7% compared to the same period in 2014. It’s clear that that there is an ever present need to protect ourselves and our families.  Our Personal Safety Devices are small mobile devices which are motion sensor activated and can be used both as a personal safety or a medical emergency device. These devices contain the latest GPS technology and a widely available GSM as standard.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

In the event of an alarm activation at your premises outside working hours, what do you do? Specialist Security Services works with your business to discuss and agree suitable response procedures, which our experienced team put into practice on demand. In the case of an emergency, the response team informs emergency services and depending on the client’s stipulations, will wait at the premises for them to arrive or leave once they have been notified and all requests have been fulfilled. We also provide an open and close service to our clients in order to limit the amount of keyholders in your business. (All our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems for response analysis)

Mobile Patrols

Specialist Security Services’ highly trained professionals will arrive to your premises in a branded vehicle and will patrol key points of your building and grounds.  Mobile patrols aim to provide physical and regular security presence at your premises, acting as a visual deterrent as they are conducted at random which adds to your security solution. Often a premises can have vulnerable areas so regular checks in this manner can discourage vandals and thieves improving your overall security measures. Mobile patrols can be conducted either on foot or by vehicle.

Security Audits

A comprehensive Security audit is crucial to the quality assurance process that strengthens the security of you, your company, employees and assets. Our expertly trained and experienced auditors will review and discuss some the following areas of your organisation:

• Physical, Financial and IT access controls
• Active procedures and systems
• Corporate policies such as BOYD and the potential risks of same
• 3rd party contracts and data access
• IT security policies (password setting etc.)

On completion of the audit, our team will draft a customised security business solution.

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