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Our team of security officers are former members of the military and as such, precision, awareness and risk analysis are key skills which have been mastered over many decades of intense training and operational experience. We provide protection in the form of expert on the ground knowledge operational capabilities, advanced training skill set in addition to long and short term risk planning.  We are to the forefront when it comes to establishing personal security requirements and training needs.

Professional Experience

Risk Assessment Reporting

Companies are not only bound by legal obligations to perform Risk Assessments but also have an ethical responsibility to ensure that no harm comes to their employees.

Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires employers to identify hazards in the workplace that are under their control, assess the risk of these hazards and be in possession of a written assessment of the risks of safety, health and welfare of his or her employees. To review this statute in full, please click here.

Regular assessment should not only review threats to property, data protection, employee’s safety and welfare but also the identification of the international and national security environment which could have a fundamental impact on business objectives.

Financial planning can often be based on an assumption of uninterrupted business performance. Any business operating without a thorough up to date risk assessment, adequate training and defined safety procedures in place, risk financial instability and possibility of continuous business growth.

Applying over 30 years’ experience, our skilfully trained assessors will review, identify, grade and prioritise existing and possible future risks within your organisation. Specialist Security Service is a market leader in security technology innovation. Our Consultants are qualified, experienced, client focused professionals who will work in partnership with you to identify threats and devise a customised solution for your business needs.

This is achieved by examining each facet of the business and those involved in its operation including:

• Technical issues such as IT Infrastructure and network access
• New Market entry considering economical and climate risks
• Human elements including security access and data protection

Lone Worker Support

Some roles require staff to spend periods of time unassisted and isolated, which can pose a threat for the organisation and therefore a weakness which can be exploited. To facilitate our client’s needs, we provide lone worker support which includes physical and/or phone check in’s, lone worker devices and a static guard.  Employee safety is paramount and providing this support network for your employees will offer peace of mind, security and therefore improved performance.

Personal Devices

According to CSO figures published for 2015, there was a 13.6% increase in the number of attempts/threats to murder, assaults, harassments and related offences. A 6.2% increase in Burglaries with kidnapping showing an increase of 8.7% compared to the same period in 2014.

It’s clear that that there is an ever present need to protect ourselves and our families.

Our Personal Safety Devices are small mobile devices which are motion sensor activated and can be used both as a personal safety or a medical emergency device. These devices contain the latest GPS technology and a widely available GSM as standard.

Close Protection

There are many reasons why there has been an increased demand for personal security over the last decade. Information technology and transport improvements are two areas which have had a profound effect on the speed at which we access information and our capability to be present around the globe within hours.

These new capabilities accelerates business expansion but with it, the risk to personal and corporate exposure.

Another factor is the growth of companies to an international level. Businesses will use SWOT analysis to dissect their business and its potential profitability in another market, but rarely have the skill set or expertise to factor in the security requirements for their employees and their assets.

These risk assessments are essential to avoid threats to business operations, expansions and if not carried out professionally could damage program timelines.

Our Close Protection Officers are military trained, highly professional and depending on a client’s preference, discreet or visible, ensuring the clients objectives can be met. This type of security is a more direct and intimate level of protection but facilitates client’s lifestyles and enables them to expedite business goals in a timely, safe manner.

Satellite Tracking

Technical advancements such as GPS (Global Position System) has improved the efficiency and reduced costs for companies who utilise our system to monitor corporate and personal vehicles.

We provide state of the art software which enables the user to manage on the ground teams of employees/individuals. Some key functions of this software include analysis of fuel consumption and vehicle speed, its location and deviations from the expected journeys.

It can offer security for high risk clients and their families, providing peace of mind. As a supplementary service to Satellite tracking, our Consultants would advise considering Close Protection or Personal Security to enhance safety measures.

Asset Protection in Transit

We at Specialist Security Services provide a specialist asset protection and transit service to our clients.

Our expert team with extensive knowledge and experience in high risk situations will liaise with clients to devise a transport plan which will include contingencies. We will ensure the safe and secure arrival of your assets to any destination, within Ireland and across the globe.

Asset protection in transit can be provided using two methods:

  • Security vehicle fitted with camera surveillance and satellite tracking systems
  • Low profile close protection escorts

If you would like to discuss more specialised security for your assets which are not mentioned here, our Consultants are available to discuss your requirements and customise your security solution.

Ex Pat Protection

Increased globalisation has also heightened the risk of unrest in some areas of the world. Without warning, individuals can find themselves in a highly sensitive, volatile climate which could prove difficult to evacuate.

With our highly trained team of on the ground agents, Specialist Security Services’ can swiftly and safely secure their passage, returning them to their home country.

Mobile Patrols

Specialist Security Services’ highly trained professionals will arrive to your premises in a branded vehicle and will patrol key points of your building and grounds.

Mobile patrols aim to provide physical and regular security presence at your premises, acting as a visual deterrent as they are conducted at random which adds to your security solution.

Often a premises can have vulnerable areas so regular checks in this manner can discourage vandals and thieves improving your overall security measures.

Mobile patrols can be conducted either on foot or by vehicle.

Defensive Driver Training

Specialist Security Services provide this training to our clients, their families and staff. This training is aimed at providing our client with the knowledge and skills of how to prevent an incident from occurring and also how to control a vehicle in the event of an incident such as a tyre blow out. This training can be tailored to suit the road rules and regulations of many countries around the globe.

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